Farverådgivning og farvers psykologiske indflydelse. Farvekurser, farvebøger mm.

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LB-Colour Consult

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- What does your favourite colour tell you about your personality ?
You have the same qualities as the colour has. --> Choose and click on your favourite colour !

It is not only the hue of the colour, but also the shade and tint, that matters. A bright and strong colour hue has different signals than a pale, light or dark shade or nuance.

You can read more about this exiting subject in my book: “The Colour Dictionary” – the first book in the world describing the hidden universal signals of 100 colours.

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The internationally recognized colour psychologist Angela Wright writes (to the author) about "The Colour Dictionary": "I found the stuff you sent me very interesting - you obviously have a profound gift for colour."

Please note:
The colour that you are inside, is not necessarily the same colour you need in your home or surroundings!

I have spent 10-12 years learning how to find a method to analyse all kind of colour shades and find their essence – free from personal and cultural opinions.
The key to successful use of colour signals lies in the understanding of the basic universal signals, which are encoded in our subconscious.